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  1. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 14 hours ago | Speak Up

    Vancouver skyscrapers. Builders love them. City residents are divided about them because of the way in which they can alter the city’s character and block sunlight but some what to […]

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  2. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 14 hours ago | Speak Up

    Reality Television is everywhere; there are shows about losing weight, getting tattooed and being a housewife. However what has often been presented as “reality” isn’t always the case, and one […]

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  3. By Vancity Buzz | 14 hours ago | Speak Up

    The fall and winter months are a great time to take a trip to Ucluelet and Tofino on Vancouver Island because there’s always so much beauty to see, and storm […]

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  4. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 14 hours ago | Speak Up

    An elongated Pacific frontal system continues to impact Vancouver Island and the South Coast of British Columbia.

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  5. Celebrities and Stars

    Spotted: Orlando Bloom Arrives in Vancouver

    By Vancity Buzz Staff | 14 hours ago | Speak Up

    Orlando Bloom and many others, including Jennifer Lopez, were in Vancouver yesterday for the annual WE Day gathering at Rogers Arena. Our photographer was able to snap some photos of […]

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  6. By Vancity Buzz Staff | 15 hours ago | Speak Up

    There is paintball and then there is zombie paintball, an activity that is becoming a Halloween tradition of sorts for many in the Lower Mainland.

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  7. By Cameron Locke | 15 hours ago | Speak Up

    For the uninformed and uninitiated, West Coast Geeks vs Nerds is a monthly geeky-nerdy debate show that takes place in Vancouver’s fanclub on Granville street.

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  8. By Konrad Philip | 15 hours ago | Speak Up

    While originally invented to protect from the sun, umbrellas are most in use during Vancouver’s rainy months.

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