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Yoga for Pain Care with Tianne Allan

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2608 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC

Do You Suffer Pain? Millions of people suffer from acute or chronic pain. Some of the most common forms are back pain, arthritis pain, headaches, migraines and cancer pain. The effects of pain can exact a tremendous cost, interfering with work productivity and enjoyment of life. Thanks to its holistic body-mind approach, yoga can help. Yoga offers many simple tools and practices to help ease the burden and discomfort of pain.

Ease Your Movement

Gentle poses can be an effective way to relax muscle tightness, gripping and spasm, common contributors to both acute and chronic pain. Poses can also be very helpful in conditions such as back pain and degenerative arthritis, where dysfunctional movement patterns can contribute to the problem. Cultivating better alignment can relieve compression of joints and soft tissues.

Experience Relief Through Breath and Meditation

Pain creates a high degree of stress in the body. Proper breathing helps calm and balance the nervous system, stimulating the relaxation response. We will learn different techniques to instantly manage, reduce and powerfully transform the experience of pain.
Meditation is a highly effective method for decreasing both stress and pain sensitivity. Research has shown that meditation can change the wiring of the brain, helping reduce the transmission of pain signals as well as increase a sense of inner calm.

About Tianne Allan

Tianne Allan, Registered Yoga Therapist, learnt the rewards of training body & mind as a high performance athlete. After an injury, she turned to yoga for rehabilitation & found it offered everything she needed to heal & strengthen her body. Tianne’s experience, light-hearted approach & clear instruction enables students of all levels to find the ease & joy.

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