Who Do You Think You Are? Workshop on Addiction Approaches

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2215 East Pender Street
Vancouver, BC

The workshop explores how our early environments influence how we interpret reality and how our self-perceptions can support addictions.

Dr. Gabor Maté, Vancouver physician and addictions specialist; Diederik Wolsak, therapist and founder of Choose Again Attitudinal Healing Centre and Sat Dahram Kaur, developer of the Beyond Addiction Program, a naturopathic program for people wishing to overcome addiction and those who want to treat addictive behaviours.

Why: To raise funds for those lacking the financial means to attend Beyond Addiction Programs.

Who Should Attend: Addiction counsellors, therapists, health-care professionals, recovery-house staff, students interested in learning to treat those with addictions.

Tickets: Banyen Books www.banyen.com or http://beyondaddictionworkshop.bpt.me. 604-732-7912. Vegetarian lunch included.