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Untethered Highline Film World Premiere

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777 Homer St.
Vancouver, British Columbia

Have you ever heard of highlining? Maybe you’ve seen it in the news lately, or maybe you’ve seen a picture or two come across your news feed. Either way you have probably been absolutely facinated with the sport and asked yourself why on earth people would dare to do this. Those must be dare devils you say to yourself, or are they stunt men?
What if I told you they were just ordinary people like you and me. Ordinary people working ordinary jobs yet on weekends they pursue the extraordinary. You would probably want to know more about those people hey? Well I did too, and that’s why this summer I devoted myself to creating a documentary of epic scale. Unthered is a localy made adventure documentary showcasing local talent highlining here in British Columbia.
Do I have your attention yet? Well read on
Untethered is a documentary that chronicals a fascinating journey of personal progression and community growth. This film follows Spencer and his closest friends on the journey of a life time. The film offers a rare glimpse into the lives of people who do what most couldnt even imagine.


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I have poured my blood sweat and tears into this film and I couldnt be more stoked to share it with Vancouver. We are hosting a premiere at the amazing Centre for Performing Arts, an incredible theatre. On december 4th in downtown Vancouver everyone is welcome to come experience a localy made film of a lifetime.

This film is about so much more than setting a world record. It’s about what makes a community like this live and breathe.
Featuring //
Spencer Seabrooke
Michael Neururer
Friedi Kühne