“Unlock Your Greatness: 7 Amazing Ways To Achieve More Wealth, Health, & Happiness in 2016 & Beyond”

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1661 Granville Street
Vancouver, Canada

This is a personal development seminar for individuals interested in learning how the world class performers achieve success financially, health, and finding their purpose in life. Ideal for people looking to make a huge impact in their life.

The speakers at this event are…

– Scott Piccott, author of “The Unlikely Millionaire” who became one of Canada’s youngest millionaires despite having a severe learning disability. He owns Scott Reid Enterprises a real estate development company with holdings in Vancouver and Calgary.

– Raz Chan, award winning best-selling author for “Power Principles for Success” who he co-authored with Brian Tracy. He is also a successful entrepreneur, speaker and multiple international martial arts champion. He is recognized as one of America’s premiere experts on self-development.


1. How To Easily To Triple Your Daily Productivity for Success

2. Simple Steps Used To Develop The Mindset of Successful Millionaires and Champions

3. How To Quickly Skyrocket Your Wealth, Health, and Happiness!