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The Ghost of Blood Alley w/ Dirty Mike and the Boys

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Like any good story and good band name, ours is steeped in legend, myth and history. 

Some time ago in Vancouver's dirty past, Blood Alley Square was home to public executions and Blood Alley was full of Butchers and their shops. 

Blood Alley was given its name for all the blood that poured into the alley from these shops. 

One night on Carrall Street, an Irishman was stabbed in a mugging gone awry. He dragged himself onto the nearest steps of a Butcher Shop in Blood Alley. 

Banging on the doors of the Butchers for help and blood pouring out of him, the Irishman called for help. 

His calls went silent as he perished on those steps, which are still there to this day.

Businesses and their staff in the area, as well as tourists have all claimed to have seen the ghost of the Irishman who perished on those steps all those years ago in Blood Alley. 

At night if you listen carefully in Blood Alley….

You may still hear him knocking. 

And thus, we honour this legend and ghost via our band: The Ghost Of Blood Alley

It's been a long time coming, but the boys have finally pulled through; after many years of jammin, “Dirty Mike and the Boys” are taking their talents to the streets and venues of Vancouver, B.C.


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