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12Fl., 1055 W Hasting Street, Downtown, Vancouver
Vancouver, Vancouver
United States

Focusing on technology, clean energy and innovation, 808 TECH & Innovation Investment Forum showcases exciting new and emerging North American companies, and provides investors the opportunities to discover what may be the next lucrative investment.On April 28 at the RISE, 1055 West Hastings, downtown Vancouver, you will hear from four companies, from BC, Ontario and Washington, with strong competitive advantages and high growth potential.

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1. An ultra high speed digital content distribution platform with proprietary technologies for the entertainment & advertising industries
With it’s multiple media content revenue streams and proprietary technologies, the digital content distribution platform has already generated a lot of buzz with Fox, movie studios such as Warner Brothers, the NBA, and other entertainment and advertising conglomerates. In addition, agreements are ready to be executed with shopping mall developers across the US with the potential of generating an estimate of $25,000/unit/month in advertising sales alone. The company has already raised $3 million of the targeted $8 million. The CEO of the company will be at 808TECH to give us an indepth tour.

2. IoT (Internet of Things) products and systems that manage, optimize and analyze business equipment remotely.
This IoT company provides products and systems that help clients monitor, get alerts, receive reports and analytics to address problems in their business equipment such as refrigeration units, fuel/liquid tanks, pest control devices & more. The company is currently generating revenue from a roster of clients. With the targeted $5 million raised and an established senior team with a history of building successful businesses, the company is projecting revenue to exceed $75 million by 2020. At 808TECH, you will hear from the CEO of the company.
3. A wind farm generating clean energy now and for the future.

Located just 2 hours outside of metro Vancouver, the wind farm will be built on a 50+ acres of land located in a high wind area but hidden from normal traffic. Unlike the propeller wind turbine that can be an eyesore, this wind farm will use a new vertical wind turbine design that is both superior in effeciency and low in maintenance. The plan will potentially generate a perpetual sales to BC Hydro , estimating at $48 million in annual sales (a pre-tax profit of $26 million). We will meet the person behind this renewable energy project at 808TECH.

4. A biotechnology company with patented immuno-therapies(anti-body drugs and vaccines) with applications in transplantation, autoimmunity/inflammation, degenerative diseases and cancer
Based on the Nobel Prize winning Immune Network Theory and led by a leading authority in the field, this biotechnology company has the only reseach team worldwide developing this technology that will transform treatments for autoimmunity, cancer and degenerative diseases. With 6 patent applications in 4 countries and an early stage drug that has already proven and demonstrated efficacy in treating inflammation and autoimmunity, the company is now raising money to complete a clinical trail to reassure safety in human and generate more data; in preparation of either potentially partner with a pharmaceutical company or being bought out.
The company has already raised US$1 million of the targeted US$5 million so far. The co-founder of the company will be there to guide you in understanding why this biotechnology has the potential to revolutionize medicine as we know it.

Don’t miss your chance to help transform the world and discover the next superstars for your portfolio!

You will hear directly from the founders and CEOs who are spearheading the companies and projects. You will understand their visions, business strategies and revenue models and determine whether to go further into the due diligence and research processes and invest in one of these exciting companies.
You will gain the frist-mover opportunities and advantage in discovering the next lucrative investment and participate in driving the growth of technology and innovation that will benefit our common future.
You will also be able to expand your network in the technology and innovation circles.
From providing a plethora of entertainment and real-time communication to far corners of the world, to tackling many of humanity’s grand challenges, including energy, education, water, food, and health, the exponential growth of technology is transforming lives around the world. And every emerging new technology and innovation has the potential to spark a new chapter in global transformation.
Investors of emerging technology and innovation play a crucial role in energizing the forward motion that contributes to our common future across nations and cultures.
The rewards of the endeavors can also be quite lucrative. Companies that execute well can grow from zero to valuation of billions in a just few short years, such as Airbnb ($25.5 billion) or Uber ($62.5 billion).

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