Talking Rights: A public dialogue engaging local communities on the right to communicate and its opponents..

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1 Athletes Way
Vancouver, BC

Free registration, with light refreshments provided! More Info

Do you have the right to communicate? Are you sure?

Talking Rights is an evening of community conversations around the right to communicate and its opponents. We, as SFU Students, invite everyone interested to contribute their views to a collective understanding of the complexities of these rights on July 23rd. We welcome you to engage with us on these issues. Please RSVP to secure your place.

You will have the opportunity to explore many topics related to the right to communicate and its opponents:
– Social Media
– Multilingual Societies
– Voices from the Margins
– Boundaries to Communication
– Let’s Talk Democracy: The Future of Political Communication in Canada
– Integrating Perspectives about Communication Rights
– BC Authorities and our Right to Communicate