Stickboy: From Page to Stage

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6354 Crescent Road
Vancouver, BC

Join us for an enlightening conversation about the process of transforming Stickboy, a book by world-renowned spoken word artist Shane Koyczan, into a contemporary opera.James Wright, the General Director of Vancouver Opera, will talk to Koyczan and two of his collaborators, musical dramaturge and Conductor Leslie Dala and libretto dramaturge and Director Rachel Peake, about the unique process they undertook. For Koyczan, transforming his personal experience into an opera was an emotional challenge, “to see [my story] being acted out or become theatrical in some way is difficult, because these aren’t pages in a book, these are pages of my life.”

Koyczan and Vancouver Opera have created a beautifully poetic, visually innovative and musically memorable opera that highlights Koyczan’s signature voice and confronts a society that struggles with fear and insecurity, and punishes those who are different. Stickboy: From Page to Stage also features two members of the ensemble performing a selection from the opera.