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1 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC

Slam For Hope is a charity pog tournament. It’s for having fun, playing some pogs, and raising a bit of money for kids.You don’t need to bring your own pogs — all contestants will recieve 10 pogs and a slammer with their entrance fee. Plus, you’ll keep the pogs. Take them with you and have pog memories!

When: Saturday, July 26th, 2pm to 5pm. Convenient timing if you want brunch first!

Where: 1 Kingsway, Vancouver BC. Main and 8th, easy to get to!

Prizes: The 1st place winner will get the ~MEGASLAMMER~ as a trophy of their pog prowess. Other winners will get additional pogs, slammers, and other things that we can dig up and give away.

How to enter: Email slamforhope@gmail.com.Entrance tickets are $15. At least $10 of that goes to Variety Children’s Charity. The remainder will be used to pay for the room rental and refreshments for the contestants, and any remainder from that cost will also go towards Variety. No money will be kept by the organizers. The spirit of pog alone sustains us!

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