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The Science of YouTube Marketing, with Greg Smith

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Suite 210 – 1737 West 3rd Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia

Making a viral video often relies on luck. In this talk we’ll take the luck out of YouTube marketing and focus on the Science of it. No cute cats or Korean rappers required. Greg will show you how even boring videos can produce results. And if you’re funny or a cute cat, even better!

Greg has been using YouTube to drive traffic, generate leads and make sales since 2006. One of his YouTube channels has only 15 videos and under 1,600 subscribers. No changes have been made to the channel in over 2 years – it runs completely on autopilot – and to be honest the videos are boring! Yet this channel continues to produce a consistent supply of visitors, leads and sales. Typically generating $5,000 in additional sales each month.

YouTube is the second largest search engine. Next to… you guessed it, Google. YouTube sees over 3 Billion searches a month and while many of those are for cute cats or Gangnam style videos plenty of them are people looking to buy or learn something. This gives you an opportunity to share some knowledge on YouTube, which can then drive visitors to your site, acquire leads or make more sales.

In this talk we’ll cover the science of YouTube – meaning all specific settings and actions you can take to increase your YouTube exposure and results. You don’t need to make a funny or viral video to be successful on YouTube if you take the right steps.

In this presentation you will discover:

• Exactly what to include in your video – a step by step approach

• The steps that lead from YouTube video to a saleOptimizing your videos

• Popularity – the elements that will increase your video’s popularity

• Relevance – how to increase relevance of your video for more views and conversions

About Greg Smith:

Greg’s dream is to help others have more time and revenue to do the things they love with the people they love. He does this by helping them earn passive revenue by creating and selling their own online courses. He started marketing his own online course on YouTube in 2006.

Greg practiced securities and capital markets law with two of the largest law firms in Canada. When he launched his own online course as a hobby, the passive revenues quickly surpassed his salary as a lawyer and many of those revenues came directly from YouTube. Greg has since helped thousands of experts, bloggers and marketers create and sell their own online courses.

Greg is the Co-founder and CEO of Thinkific a platform that lets anyone create and sell their own online courses under their own brand.


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We are located inside Suite Genius at Suite 210 – 1737 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC


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