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Ryan Gazzola w/ Matthew Azrieli and Taylor Skelton

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The Roxy Cabaret presents Ryan Gazzola w/ special guests Matthew Azrieli and Taylor Skelton.
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
8:00 PM
$5 through Ticketzone
19 + to enter
Originally from Vancouver, Canadian singer/songwriter Ryan Gazzola's musical style could be classified as pop-rock with influences of blues, soul, and folk. Writing emotionally honest songs that are both poetic and captivating, the 21-year old doesnt shy away from content that would not ordinarily be found in todays pop music. Ryans music has been compared to the likes of John Mayer and Ed Sheeran and has been described as both hauntingly dark and playfully romantic. Inspired by the catchy vocal melodies of modern pop and the intense, but passionate guitar playing of classic blues-rock, Ryan creates an immersive style that refuses to be confined to any one genre
I'm a folk singer/songwriter living in Montreal and partly in Boston. The first song from my debut EP 'Chloe' is coming out in early April!
Taylor Skelton released his 'Heavy Rain' EP in February of 2013. Consisting of 5 songs heavily featuring acoustic guitar it's a laid-back style that contradicts the otherwise dark lyrics.
Taylor has reunited with Vic Levac, engineer and co-producer on Heavy Rain, to record 'Meat Market' his full-length follow-up. Promising a more musical diverse collection than Heavy Rain, it features varying styles covering topics from young love to violence to addiction, sometimes within a single verse.

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