Pop-Up, Pop-Under & Intext Ads: The What? Why? And How!, with Ben Louie from Plenty of Fish

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Suite 210 – 1737 West 3rd Avenue

In this presentation by Benjamin Louie, the Advertising Manager at Plenty Of Fish, you will discover some of the newest paid traffic sources that POF is using to acquire users. This talk will span across all skill levels as he will introduce you to the ad types, go over best practices and provide insight on ways to use these ads that are nothing short of brilliant.

At this Meetup you will discover:

• What are Popup Ads? How do they work? Why do they work?

• Never released “insider secrets” on extremely smart ways to utilize Popup Ads

• Effective, cost efficient ways to market your business using intext ads

• How to sign up to the best companies who offer these types of traffic (eg, referral only networks)

• Plus, a bonus Q&A about these traffic sources and others!

Benjamin Louie is the Advertising Manager at POF.com. However, not only is he responsible for traffic monetization but over the last 5 years, has found himself leading the paid user acquisition effort, in-product signup optimization and most recently, app store optimization. Ben also enjoys unplugging and traveling to tropical destinations with his wife to refresh and spend time away from screens.

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