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Open Up Your Voice. Open Up Your Life WORKSHOP

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3263 Heather Street
Vancouver, BC

Explore the power of mantra chanting in this 3-hour workshop “Chant Your Heart Open: Open Up Your Voice – Open Up Your Life” with Jai Gopal.The age-old tradition of mantra chanting is a valuable tool on the spiritual path and can be used by anyone looking for inner peace and joy, regardless of your belief system.

Combined with Kundalini Yoga and writing/inner exploration, we learn to open the voice and release blocks.

Let your heart open. Let your voice open.


$20 in advance ♥ $25 at the door

To purchase tickets, contact Bhavna at 778-389-5086 or
Jai Gopal at

See for more information.


When Jai Gopal (Wendy DeMos) discovered Kundalini Yoga and the beautiful chants that come out of the Yogi Bhajan and Sikh tradition, an opening occurred in her heart.

Experiencing the profound sound current encouraged her to expand her singer/songwriter leanings and step into the healing path of devotional chants and mantras of all traditions.

A musician (harmonium, voice, guitar, flute) from an early age, Jai Gopal’s music is intuitive and warm.

She offers her nourishing events “Chant Your Heart Open” throughout Vancouver, Canada and around the world.

“Chanting is the biggest part of my life. They say my sound is intuitive, deep, devotional and though I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher and mostly chant these Sikh mantras, I offer mixed traditions. I travel wherever I am called to and love it, carrying my guitar and harmonium everywhere I go. I enjoy meeting new people and new cities and I love the sound current created during our chant gatherings. I’m a lover of chocolate and compassion and believe that healing ourselves is the best thing we can do to raise our vibration, raise our consciousness and help heal our world.”


Why Chant Mantras?

Mantra, as used in Kundalini yoga, is a specific technology that uses sound vibration to affect and elevate consciousness, as well as to heal on all levels.

It is a specific combination of syllables mainly used from an ancient language (Ghurmuki), which is based heavily on the Naad, or science of sound. These sounds or vibrations tune, quieten and focus the mind. These specific combinations of syllables, words, phrases and rhythms hold power in their meaning and sound current to create different healing effects in the body and also to elevate consciousness.

By repeating them, we increase their power. When we vibrate these sounds, we are tuning into specific frequencies of consciousness – a bit like a TV or radio tuning into different channels. The universe reflects back to us what we vibrate out. If we vibrate and tune into a frequency of healing and abundance, then that is the vibration with which we fill ourselves.

Chanting mantras, like all meditations, can help reduce stress, heal on all levels, and bring and/or maintain peace, calm and joy into our lives.

It can help us raise our own vibrational frequency by filling us with positive vibrations, and can also help us to be more present, live in each moment, and focus on what is important in our lives.