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Ones & Zeroes w/ Rob Roy and The Associates

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The Live Agency and Rednyne Productions Presents Ones & Zeros w special guests Rob Roy and The Associates.

March 19, 2016
7:00 PM
$10 pre sale and $13 at the door 
19 + to enter


Ones&Zeros is an indie rock band from Vancouver, BC, Canada that plays gritty, distorted pop songs that can trace a lineage back to the anger, dissatisfaction, experimentation and exuberance that was brewing in the late 70's & early 80's music scenes in the UK and NYC. These scenes dared to raise a ruckus and gave rise to some of the most important sounds of our day: power-pop; punk; post-punk and new wave, among others.

Ones&Zeros takes inspiration from these times to complain and holler about circumstances that are unique to our generation. The bands sound is no one-trick pony though. Its not all about setting the amps to 11 and putting the pedal to the metal. Some songs will kick out the jams with slashing, distorted riffs and frenetic drumming to be sure, but others can be stripped bare to their soiled, acoustic undergarments. Yet, whether lurching from light to shade, or from loud to quiet and back to loud again, the band usually takes pains to sneak in a few jabs about where were headed in these turbulent times.

The band is currently playing shows in Vancouver and was recently invited by The Vancouver Sun newspaper to perform a totally unplugged, acoustic version of one of the songs from The City Don't Care EP. That was the first time that this “rock” band has ever played without amps and mics! We felt a bit naked, but it was fun and we're grateful to The Vancouver Sun for the experience.



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