The New Bronze Age Series: Speed Stunned Imaginations Shadow Play

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2390 Brunswick Street

Get the real Indonesian experience of an outdoor shadow play with a grungy Vancouver make over.
Artist collective Publik Secrets –Robyn Jacob and George Rahi- turn philosopher Ivan Illich’s essays on transportation and modern life into an all original Shadow Play. This incredible team of DIYers tell fantastical stories with zeal using all repurposed materials. The entire program is accompanied by Gamelan Bike Bike, their ad hoc assemblage of instruments made out of recycled bike parts. Their captivating Balinese-styled gamelan music showcases interlocking patterns to invigorate any whimsical plot. Bring a Blanket.

*July 7 @ 9 pm,
*Weather Permitting, In case of Rain July 8, 9 pm

Guelph (Dude Chilling) Park, 2390 Brunswick Street, Vancouver. Bring a Blanket.

By Donation

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