The New Bronze Age Series: Gamelan Si Pawit & we just stole a car

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303 East 8th Avenue
Vancouver, BC

What happens when you mash up renegade experimental rock with Sundanese Gamelan music? John Mutter, leader of we just stole a car, and Jon Siddall, leader of Gamelan Si Pawit, flip conventions upside down in a evening of contemporary music for gamelan inspired rock and rock inspired gamelan.

This convention-defying evening is a literal cross over as the members of we just stole a car, Daryn Cassie (piano) Dominic Conway (sax) Elliot Langford (bass) John Mutter (guitar) Kevin Romain (drums) and Daniel Ruiz (percussion), flit between a gamelan set and rock outfit. Together with John Siddall they reference and satirize current jazz/classical new music ideologies, and combine them with traditional South-Asian harmony and rhythm, noise, improvisation to create a very unique performance structure.