Mungo Thomson – Cricket Solos for Clarinet, Piccolo, Percussion, and Violin

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Richards and Davie
Vancouver, British Columbia

Live performance presented in partnership with Vancouver New Music
FREE!To create ‘Crickets‘, Mungo Thomson collaborated with composer Michael Webster to transcribe field recordings of crickets from around the world (France, Cameroon, Senegal, Martinique, Borneo, Thailand and Venezuela) into a musical score. The initial result was a dynamic composition for a 17-person classical ensemble, the score containing 25 chapters, or ‘movements,’ such as “12. Reunion Island, the Cirque de Cilaos at 1300 m. altitude, February 1998, nightfall in a banana plantation.” Thomson and Webster have subsequently developed Cricketsfor solo performers—individual musicians scattered around a park, each simulating the sound of a single cricket with a different instrument.

In partnership with Vancouver New Music, the Contemporary Art Gallery presents a new performance comprising these solo performances with Mark McGregor (Piccolo), Françoise Houle (Clarinet), Llowyn Ball (Violin) and Martin Fisk (Percussion).

Join us for this evening performance, which is concurrent with the opening of the exhibition: Mungo Thomson, Time, People, Money, Crickets at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Friday July 10, 7-10PM. The exhibition continues until August 30.

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