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Mirage, an art exhibition

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1442 West Pender Street
Vancouver, B.C.


“Mirage”, an Art Exhibition,
featuring works by Mini Choi, Foster Eastman, Kirsten Geekie, Jenny Jie Yeon Lee, and Michael Lee

Co-presented by Foster Eastman and #HAJIGALLERISTS
Curated by Mini and Michael at #HAJIGALLERISTS
Exhibition Opening: October 30, 2015 ( Friday ) 7-9pm
Exhibition Period: October 30 to November 6, 2015 ( Viewing by Appointment )
Address: Foster Eastman Gallery, 1442 West Pender St., Coal Harbour, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
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Exhibition Tee powered by Wrongwroks, Canada.

“Mirage” is the beauty myth due to the unpredictability of heat and light, it is a shimmering illusion reflecting expanse resembling the surface of a body of water, the image is sometimes distorted. It’s a glimpse of fantasy that seems to move so quickly and suddenly vanish, situation looks gorgeous from far away, but is altered up close. Aren’t we living in a world full of “Mirage”? People embrace only their own disillusions, chasing for their dreams rippled in the heat mirages, searching for love in thirsty deserts, mirroring their consciousness, defining their self identities but sometimes inverted. Herbert Spencer, a philosopher and anthropologist, once described Marriage is a word which should be pronounced “Mirage”. Will the “Mirage” last forever? Is “Mirage” some hormones induced state of matrimony between two people caused by the distortion of neural activity within the brain? Is “Mirage” a mirror reflecting your own desire? Illusion could be fascinating, it depends on how you interpret it. “Mirage” could be photographed, documented, painted, illustrated, drawn, and installed in various different art forms. How artists bending the concept of “Mirage” in their respective ways, how they transform a particular moment to eternity, and how they expressed eternity into a flash of illusion are what you expected to experience at this very exhibition.

Kirsten Geekie
Kirsten Geekie received her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University with a major in Drawing. Her practice revolves around subjects of memory and its hyperbolic nature, as well as moments of subconscious sea-change within characters in film. The heart of her interest will always remain in people and translating features of their personalities to paper.

Jenny Jie Yeon Lee
Jenny Jie Yeon Lee is a contemporary artist whose works and installations use shapeless and weightless materials like pure cotton,vinyl and sponge.
The works by Jenny Jie Yeon Lee maximize the tactile emotion with balls of cotton and vinyl wrappers instead of canvas. What is counted in her artworks is not the logical information processed from eyes to the cerebrum but the emotional sense aroused from the tip of fingers to the heart. The touch or the tactile sensation not only enables people to slowly identify materials with physical value but also allows a one-on-one communication between the artist and the world. That ‘tactile sensation’, which reveals objects not through her one-way interpretation on the objects but through the communicative relations between the artist and the objects, is in the same context with her art world which is also eager to “reveal the invisible realm.” At last, the figures appearing over the quasi-translucent vinyl wrapper come to perfection by the tactile sensation generated by her touch.
The inter-connection of her art does not simply mean the physical combination of different kinds of cotton. Inner space and outer space, fantasy and reality, life and death, past and present are conflicting at the border of quasi-translucent vinyl wrappers. But it does not mean a tug-of-war to win dominance. From the fact that her laborious manual job is “to narrow the distance between her and herself,” and from the delicate patchwork that connects different cottons, we can assume that the conflict is not a clash but a chance to generate another connection. That’s why she refuses to deny the gap between an artist in reality and an artist who is on creation.
Jenny Jie Yeon Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and she had 11 solo exhibition in Korea and over 35 group exhibitions in Korea, Japan and Netherlands. She worked as a university art lecturer in Seoul before moving to Vancouver.

Foster Eastman:
Foster Eastman is a multi-disciplined artist whose work examines social and cultural issues often shrouded in taboo and stigma. Recent exhibits have considered diverse issues including the atrocities that occurred in China under Mao Tse-tung, the challenges returning Veterans from Afghanistan face as they reintegrate into civilian life as well as installations that leverage visual arts practices to give voice to those struggling with depression and suicide. Foster’s lestweforgetCANADA mural, created with Veterans and community members was featured at the National Day of Honour breakfast in May 2014 for families of the fallen hosted by the Prime Minister and during Remembrance Day week ceremonies at the Canadian War Museum. He participated in the ‘Maple Leaf Project’ at the Gordon Smith Gallery and his most recent work teamed Veterans with master carver Xwalactun to carve a Tribute Pole which will be exhibited in Canada House UK, November 2015.

Mini Choi
Mini Choi is a multi-media artist, lyricist, author, performer, producer, painter, photographer, videographer, publisher, columnist, radio and television anchor, curator, and gallerist, whose creative practices are rich in aural, visual and cultural gradations. Her iconic works are widely presented in exhibitions, galleries, concerts, mainstream and independent media platforms. Not only has she participated in many art exhibitions, but she has also curated more than 50 art exhibitions worldwide under the name of #HAJIGALLERISTS.
Besides heavily involved in the fine art area, Mini Choi has created and published more than 400 lyrics, five compelling books and novels, directed and produced music videos, produced and published magazines, apparels, and TV shows. Graduated from Simon Fraser University and studied fine arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Mini continues to explore the relationship between art and pop cultures.蔡冕麗

Michael lee
Michael Lee a.k.a. michaelmichaelmichael is a cross-media artist. Michael is the co-founder of #HAJIGALLERISTS, who co-curated more than 50 art exhibition worldwide, and independent media establishment – PRESS MINI. In Hong Kong, Michael worked in mainstream media include Commerical Radio, TVB and PCCW. Michael showed his works in Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, France, Macau, Taiwan, China, Canada, and Hong Kong.