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The Roxy Cabaret Presents Mike Machado
Wednesday, April 20, 2016
8:00 PM
$5 through Ticketzone
19 + to enter
Mike (guitar/vocals): I have been in Vancouver since September of last year (2014). Prior to that I was living in LA for 6 months after making the decision to go pursue my dream of making something of my musical talent. I busked for a living there on Hollywood boulevard and lived in a hostel for a few months and friends houses, friends that I met through busking and that went to MI (Music Institute, biggest music university in Hollywood, as I was living right near it). I joined a rap band a few months after arriving to LA after one of the members saw me busking and asked me to play lead guitar for them. They are known as The Talented Tenth and are still active to this day. We played various shows together there. Then I came to Vancouver because I missed Canada and have never been to the west coast. Upon arriving I got a job working in construction right away and worked in that until about the end of October because I realized I needed more time to devote to playing, to develop my music career. Luckily I found out about the busking program as well in Vancouver to play in the sky train stations and managed to successfully prove myself and pass the audition. The skyytrain busking program gave me the time to I need to work on my craft and helped a lot with playing in the winter even though on a lot of occasions I did play outside (West-coast winter is nothing compared to the eastside). So currently I you will see me playing every where from the skytrain stations, gastown, granville street, at bar gigs and maybe some festivals if Im lucky enough this summer. I also teach and do session work so please text me if you are interested.
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