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Mermaid Comedy at the Railway Club

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579 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, BC

Mermaid Comedy is Rolling at the Railway Club and we have a ridiculously stacked line up of merfolks.On the show:

Jenny Mer-Toews – We once saw Jenny making a starfish laugh. We were impressed because they don’t have lungs and their mouths are also their anus (we think… don’t look it up).

Jacob Mer-Samuel – Jacob taught an octopus jazz drums using his perfect comedic timing. The octopus had a breakdown because it could not meet Jacob’s standards. Their story was the inspiration for the movie “Whiplash”. The octopus was last seen playing the maracas, which we all know are drums for beings who can’t play drums.

Sophie Mer-Buddle – We saw Sophie in Mer-China Town using chopsticks to comb her hair. Ridiculous!

Katie-Ellen Mer-Humphries – Katie was once on a Mer-university walking team. Land sounds exhausting… And everyone can tell when you’re peeing. Now she stays in the water and leaves the walking to kids at birthday parties.

Kyle Mer-Bottom – Kyle never has bad beard days because its always floating majestically in the waves. It looks like its in slow motion or something.. Its mesmerizing.

Mer-Taz and Mer-Ryan of The Sunday Service – When the Mermaid Comedy collective finally buys a boat, the figure head will be of these guys. It will be hand wittled by a guy with a missing thumb. The faces will look off, but everyone will know that its of them based on the fact that the boats name is the S.S Taz and Ryan.

The show starts at 9:00 (doors at 8:30) and it’s $5. APRIL 6