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How I Made $500,000 on Facebook before I turned 22, with Mehtab Bhogal

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Suite 210 – 1737 West 3rd Avenue

In under 2 years a 20something entrepreneur has been able to grow a community on Facebook and crowdsource the content to monetize a Facebook Page about guitars to over $500,000 in revenue.In this presentation, Mehtab explains the way he built and monetized his community using Facebook. He will break down the different methods he used to control costs while building his Facebook page, and how to motivate the community into working with you.

Mehtab is NOT a marketing guru. He is a young entrepreneur who has been successful online and is sharing his secrets for the first time at this Internet Masterminds Meetup to help other aspiring entrepreneurs become successful with Facebook marketing.

In this presentation you will discover…

• How Mehtab raised the value of products by over 250% in 2 months using cost-effective, scalable, guerrilla tactics

• Methods to consistently built and monetized relationships with industry leading companies and influencers

• 3 cost-effective strategies he used to keep his costs low while rapidly building a business

• How he motivated his community to create the content he needed for his page – and how you can do the same!

Mehtab Bhogal specializes in creating engaged mass followings, monetizing communities, and stealth marketing. In late 2012, he launched a sales business that utilized next-generation media platforms in conjunction with stealth-marketing techniques to reach $500,000 in revenue in 2014; it is expected to report seven figure revenues in 2015.