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Lest We Never Forget: Iconoclastic Inclinations

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316 W. 5th Ave.
Vancouver, BC

New work by Jonathan Hodges
Beaumont Artists’ Society Studio and Gallery
January 11 – January 30, 2016
Opening reception January 14th at 7pm

The American dream is one that promised a fulfilling, un restricted, and indiscriminate future for all of its citizens, the possibility to lead the ‘ideal’ life built on the principles outlined in the bill of rights within the United States Constitution. With great regret, I am to inform you that many peoples’ inquiry and attempt to dream have failed.

Lest we never forget is a series of large scale print works that attempts to subvert the American Dream through subtle subversions of its iconography. By re-presenting images from American popular culture through highly abstracted forms that reside on the line between attraction and repulsion one is left to question the importance of such profoundly patriotic imagery. The politics surrounding each image ARE subtly un-American, anti-establishment, and ultimately of the anti-Christ in an attempt to dismantle the ideals and icons of American culture, cutting to the core of what has defined contemporary American culture.

In the time leading up to the 2016 US presidential election and the escalation of global violence, issues surrounding race, religion and gender are prominent aspects to these works. The politics involved in these topics have been magnified by recent violence, and shed light on issues that have been underlying in the minds of many Americans, and still are seen as miniscule in relation to their access to guns. This exhibition aims to provoke conversation around the political agendas set forth by the United States government in juxtaposition to the needs and wants of its masses and the blatant disregard for basic human rights.