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Learn Javascript Frameworks

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128 W Hastings St
Vancouver, British Columbia

Looking to delve into the Javascript MVC frameworks needed to build modern Web Applications? Want to know more about Backbone or Angular? This course is for you!

This is a four hour workshop that will give you a crash course in client-side Javascript frameworks, and give you hands on experience building an application within a team of four.


Who should attend?

Understanding Javascript Frameworks is designed for the following audiences:
those building Web Applications
those building HTML/mobile applications
those interested in learning about Backbone.js or Angular.js
those wanting to explore the Javascript MVC (MV*) model
those wanting to meet and work with other like-minded, talented developers

Note: attendees should already have Javascript programming experience


Overview of MVC Design Pattern
Details of Javascript MV* Frameworks
The Models
The Views
The “Whatever”: Controllers, Routers, etc.
Frameworks: Backbone, Angular
When to use and not to use a Framework


The course will be presented through a series of short lectures and a team-based project that will allow you to apply what you’ve learned and gradually build out a simple MV* project.
Lectures will introduce you to the theories, concepts and techniques used in developing a client side javascript MV* application.
The in-class project will be a guided, hands-on, experience, building a fully-functioning application utilizing Google’s Freebase webservice (

What you will learn:

Understand the core elements of a MV* pattern
Evaluate the capabilities of existing MV* frameworks
Develop a broader understanding of why, when, and how to use a JavaScript Framework
Build the knowledge required to select appropriate tools based on requirements

About the Instructor

Anthony Charles is an avid developor and instructor of web-development technologies, with over 15 years of experience designing and building large scale multimedia projects, websites and Internet applications. A seasoned instructor in the development and delivery of web technologies courses, Anthony brings the latest industry know-how from his current work as Director of Design at Marine Drive Mobile and io Media, to the classes of BCIT and Simon Fraser University. Immersed in both the instructional design and delivery of web technologies, and the start-up community, Launch Academy is excited to bring Anthony on-board to facilitate “Client-side JavaScript Frameworks” June 3, 2013 on site at Launch Academy Headquarters.

About Launch Academy

Launch Academy is a pre-accelerator program that helps entrepreneurs execute on their startups through education, mentorship, lean metrics and networking opportunities. Launch Academy has established an environment where ideas are vetted, business models are tested and successes are celebrated.

Founded on the values of innovation, opportunities and accountability, Launch Academy addresses the lack of startup education and resources affecting Vancouver entrepreneurs. Launch Academy aims to build a vibrant startup ecosystem and a prosperous economy where new jobs are created and new markets are discovered.