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Kimoto Gallery Presents Kuroshio by Katsumi Kimoto

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1525 W 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC

Kimoto Gallery is pleased to present a new series by Katsumi Kimoto titled “Kuroshio”, opening in Vancouver on Friday, May 29th from 6 – 9pm. The exhibition will continue until June 20, 2015.Katsumi Kimoto is originally from the coastal community of Ucluelet, BC, located on the West coast of Vancouver Island. Currently, Kimoto lives and works in Vancouver, BC, and operates his commercial art gallery by the same name, Kimoto Gallery.

My goal with Kuroshio was to pay tribute to my formative years spent on the Pacific Ocean, which has profoundly influenced both my life and my intention as an artist. Kuroshio is the name of a North Pacific ocean current which flows from the Sea of Japan and makes it’s way to Canada, something which I naturally feel an affinity to coming from a Japanese Canadian heritage.

As an artist, I’ve often contemplated painting the ocean and how I would capture the movement of the water, the reflection of light and the colours of its depths and different environments. I’ve always found it to be such a living force, seemingly breathing with each swell, always moving and so beautiful in so many ways, from when it’s calm and glassy to moving with the storms. With this series I have focused on the flowing qualities of the paint to emulate the ocean, creating visual currents and directions to take a viewer’s attention all over the painting, underneath the top layers to the painted layers below. My goal was to capture the overall feeling of the ocean movement. I’ve used repetition and patterns to create that feeling of an undulating surface.

Kimoto’s new works will be on display at the Kimoto Gallery from May 29 –
June 20, 2015