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Kellen Saip and Jack Mercer

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The Roxy Presents Kellen Saip and Jack Mercer, March 8th at The Roxy
8:00 PM Doors, 19+ to enter.
Its less ironic and more fitting that Jack Mercer from Westham Island, BC has spent so much time on tugboats staring into British Columbias waters. The seas are unpredictable, unfathomable, always changing and advancing, traits that can also describe Mercer and his songs. Armed with tugboat ballads, wanderers blues and hopeless romantic rockers Mercer has been winning over audiences, which is precisely the personal path he has chosen to take.
Working on fishing and tugboats since his teens and penning songs during down time with callused hands, Mercer is leading the charge for the new old-time musician. If hes not becoming known for his already vast catalog of songs, tales are definitely turning about his command of the stage. Whether multi-tasking as a one-man-band or fronting his 3 piece folk outfit the Whiskey Bandits, Mercer is creating a reputation as one of the best performers west of the Rockies and has a few people whispering, though soon many will be talking about this sound that he has branded 'saloon-folk.'

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