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In Bliss w/ The Sunset Kids

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A soulful songwriter and multi-faceted performer, Cassandra Bangel has come into her own through the act of writing, playing, and sharing her music.

Born into a musical family in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Bangel was influenced by the sounds of blues and rock before taking her earliest musical steps on classical piano at the age of 7. As she became equally gifted on piano, guitar, and ukulele, Bangel came to realize that her greatest musical instrument was her voice.

Cassandra Bangel entered professional recording for the first time in 2010. The resulting EP was Why?, a five-track effort that explores classical pop, pulsing rock, and everything in between. She then teamed up with veteran music producer Paul Shatto to create Four Chambers, a four-song journey that follows Bangels own interpretation of the four primary emotions within the human heart.

The release of Four Chambers in 2013 added to Cassandra Bangels list of professional highlights that year, which included showcases at the TD Vancouver Jazz Festival, Harmony Arts Festival, YVRs Takeoff Fridays, and The Cobalt. Her live looping cover of LPs Into the Wild gained international attention from the American singer on Twitter.

With the release of another EP in early 2015, Cassandra Bangel will offer listeners yet another creative branch stemming from her blossoming musical sound.

The story of Cassandra Bangel has only just begun

The Sunset Kids are a Canadian Dream Pop/ ElectroFOLK music duo that was created at the beginning of 2014 by Joshua Palmer and Ally-V. The band is based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where both artists are very involved in the local community of music. 
Ally-V and Josh represent two different sides of the world: North american, madly in love with the New-Wave and Synthesized Sounds of the 80s, Josh and Mongolian/slavic Ally, with her passion towards folk and ethnical music. 
Sunset kids is simply a blend of many genres, from folk to synth electronic and indie pop. 
The Sunset Kids have became well known for implementing visual art during their performances in the form of original videos that capture the attention of their audience by mimicking the essence and mood of their music. 
To date, The Sunset Kids have played nearly 50 shows, which has included local, national and international venues. The most exciting of these was the release of their first EP album, Seventh Sky, on March 23, 2014 in front of a Los Angeles audience at the famous House of Blues.


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