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Heidi Lietiec w/ Shutterfly

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The Roxy Cabaret Presents Hiedi Letiec with Special Guests Taryn Sinclair and Shutterfly.
Sunday, April 24, 2016
7:00 PM
$7 through ticktezone
19 + to enter
Originally from Marystown Newfoundland. But I currently live in the beautiful Okanagan!! I absolutely love singing, making people happy, and being real with not only my music but also with whatever life has to throw at me. When I'm not singing I make a living welding. I love hanging out with my family especially my little girl:) I love listening to music (Pantera one of my favorites), fishing, hunting, and driving anything with a motor that goes really fast!!
I just want to make the best out of life because I'm starting to realize that one day were all going to wake up wondering where it went!!
ShutterFly is a Vancouver-based alt-country/pop group consisting of Taryn Sinclair, Zak Sinclair and their father, David Sinclair.

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