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Moderated by Charlie Smith, Editor of the Georgia Straight. Canadian forces have just been committed to combat for the third time in ten years: Afghanistan in 2006, Libya in 2011, and now Iraq. We’re only making air attacks this time, but it adds to the sense that the world is drifting out of control. The partition of Ukraine, the rise of a terrorist “Islamic Caliphate”, and the wildfire spread of Ebola fever; in their different ways each seems to mark a break with a past where things like that were simply not allowed to happen.

The fighting in Ukraine, with the unadmitted participation of Russian troops, has raised the spectre of a new Cold War. The unbridled cruelty of the ISIS fighters who created the “Islamic State” in parts of Iraq and Syria last summer (together with the little-noted capture of most of Libya by Islamist militias) suggests that Osama bin Laden’s dream of a Muslim world united under extremist leadership is creeping closer to reality. And the number of Ebola victims is doubling every couple of weeks; it may reach 1.4 million by the end of January.