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Ginnovation in Vancouver

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600 Campbell St
vancouver, British Columbia

The Vancouver Gin Society is holding a Gin tasting in Vancouver called Ginnovation (Yes, a brilliant pun). Its the little, more hipster, brother to the Seattle Gin Society’s Ginvitational. Two names that often get mixed up.

We are inviting distilleries from Washington, the Yukon Territory and BC to Vancouver for a tasting March 1. Ginnovation is focusing on those distillers who are using craft ingredients or just doing something out of the ordinary. If there was ever a gin sipped where someone said “this doesn’t taste like Bombay” we want them here.

The event will run for three hours in the afternoon, from 2-5pm, when we can get members and bartenders in to taste spirits. We are planning about 15 distilleries and 20 different gins. The difference between this and something like Hopscotch is that only gin lovers attend Ginnovation.

Our webpage has some more info and upcoming events.