Get 3 Inches Off Your Waist WITHOUT Hard Exercise or Boring Diets, w/ Stacey Rae

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1737 W 3rd Ave #210
Vancouver BC

Feeling like those stubborn pounds are here to stay? If you’ve been introducing healthy foods and exercise but not seeing the results you want, this presentation has the answers you’ve been looking for.Whether its five pounds or a hundred pounds you want to lose, Stacey Rae will shine light on a simple effective understanding of your fat burning zone and how you can step into your lean, epic vitality without diet pills, endless workouts, or flavourless foods.

Put the age old bodybuilding diet to rest, cut through the myths about having a lean figure, and step into a healthy, activated approach to weight loss and vitality! Optimizing your performance, your hormones, and lean mass all while getting healthier and happier just in time for summer!

In this presentation you will discover:

• The Truth About STRESS and How its Keeping us SICK & FAT

• A Simple Framework to Cut Through the Confusion and Begin Your Adventure of VITALITY

• Why the Calories Model is Outdated and How You Can Eat DELICIOUS Foods and Have the BODY YOU WANT

• How to THRIVE with HEALTHY HORMONES and EPIC ENERGY Levels All While Losing Inches!

• Functional Strategies to OPTIMIZE Your Fast Paced Lifestyle for Your Health Goals

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