Faraday Science Show – Physics in the Kitchen

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2045 East Mall
Vancouver, BC

The Faraday Show is UBC’s annual science lecture, designed for children, presented by the Department of Physics & Astronomy. The theme this year is Physics in the Kitchen!

*Will you sink when you run across a pool of corn starch water (oobleck)?
*Why do toasts land on the floor butter-side down?
*How does a microwave work (and what happens if you put something in it that you shouldn’t)?
*What happens when you mix ingredients – can you unmix them?
*Can you “see” how water in a pot is heated up?
*Why is it not a good idea to put your hand over a boiling kettle?

This show is for children of ALL AGES, and adults who are young at heart!

WHEN: 2-3:30pm on Sunday, December 7, 2014
COST: FREE! But bring non-perishable food items to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank!
WHERE: UBC Hebb Theatre (2045 East Mall on UBC campus)
*To download/print a map, visit: http://www.maps.ubc.ca
*For parking information, visit: http://www.parking.ubc.ca/visitor.html (The North Parkade is the closest parking to Hebb Theatre)

For more information, visit the Faraday Show website, email outreach@phas.ubc.ca or call 604-822-0596.

Hebb Theatre has limited capacity (375 people), so come early!