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Falseoween 9: Once Upon a Time

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Once upon a time, in a land of happy endings, 
The ever after never came and darkness loomed descending.
Two buildings of haunted bedtime classics, fairy tales so dark and drastic,
Haunted woods with Big Bad Wolves and butchered Black Sheep- three bags full.
Hungry Witches luring children, smoldering kitchens they've been killed in,
Beanstocks grow and castles crumble, Jack meets Jill, together tumble
Three little pigs and three blind mice, hickory dickory the clock struck twice
Mirror mirror the Wicked Queen, sweet dreams to nightmares – False-o-ween

music by:
Daega Sound 
Myles Away b2b Decibel Point 
Disociate b2b Kid Kurse 
Dark Arps 
Ryan Wells 
Howl Sound 

Aerials by:
Marina Cat
Aya Kristina Love

Visuals by:
Vasho Pekar

Lighting by:
Cat's Eye

Interactive Art:

Photography by:
Joffrey Middleton-Hope

Video by:
Justin Snell

Harm Reduction:
– As always, costumes mandatory, and homemade encouraged.
– Anything goes, but the fairy tale theme is the theme, so play along and it'll be awesome.
– COME EARLY! This is a sold out event every year, and there's something special when you ride the whole event out, so come early, stay late, and be a part of it.


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