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Face or Faces, an Art Exhibition Co-presented by Foster Eastman and Mini C (H.A.J.I.GALLERISTS)

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1442 West Pender Street
Vancouver, B.C.

Face or Faces,
an Art Exhibition Co-presented by
Foster Eastman and Mini C (H.A.J.I.GALLERISTS)Featuring works by

Pierre Castro, Alina Flame Senchenko, Agnon Wong,
M.L.A.K.F, Foster Eastman, and Mini C
Curated by Mini C (H.A.J.I.GALLERISTS)

Opening Reception: Friday April 10th (7-9pm)
Address: Foster Eastman (Gallery), 1442 West Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Exhibition Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 2:00pm-6:00pm. Exhibition Period: April 10-18, 2015

About the Exhibition:

Keenly attuned to the theme of Face or Faces, artists interpreted human portrayal, reinventing portraiture for our turbulent times. Whether it is a portrait painting, photography documenting the existence of man, or a emoji expressions in various form of art, artists from different cultural backgrounds, from Ukrainian to Asians to Canadians, demonstrated the value of exploring Face or Faces.

About the artists:

Alina Senchenko
Alina Senchenko is an Ukrainian artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. She is in her last year of studies at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver Canada, majoring in Photography. Most recently, Senchenko has exhibited at Access Gallery, Dynamo Art Association, Square Project, and the Concourse Gallery. In 2014, she was the finalist for the AIMIA/AGO photography prize.
In the past few years, Senchenko has closely examined the cultural and social structures while interested in the urban spaces that we created and occupy. The current political situation in Ukraine, Senchenko’s native country, has firmly dictated the emotional tone in her practice. In order to express these emotions, photograph, found images, text, collage, and performance are a few of the mediums and elements that exist in her practice.

Pierre Castro
Using tools and media as diverse and colourful as his history, Pierre is an artist that will never compromise on originality. A former physician in the complimentary medical field , a long time yoga practitioner and teacher , a communications designer, and overall student of life, he challenges easily accepted labels and archetypes to expose the universality in all. One is All And All One, commonly reiterated themes through his words, work and actions.
Multi media pieces have been shown as close to home for him in Vancouver galleries as well as across coasts and country in New York.
For this exhibition he is exploring the possibilty of rearranging traditional concepts of beauty and form. Can we measure the ratio of subjective preference to objective standards or rules? More significantly, is the majority of our notion of beauty imposed? And if yes; what with this knowledge can be done? Each piece uniquely reflects both a serious introspective and tongue in cheek response the facets or more fittingly Face of Beauty.

Agnon Wong
Inspired by the limitless power of cinema at a very young age, animation and storytelling was something that consumed Agnon’s childhood. Agnon gravitated towards Japanese pop culture influences in cinema and animations and eventually ended up at Emily Carr University of Arts and Design in Vancouver BC. Photography became a medium for Agnon to explore and to transfer the essences that inspired him during his childhood. Today Agnon practices as an artist creating intimate and rich environmental portraits of subjects that inspire him.

M.L.A.K.F. is a creative collective established in 1995 in Vancouver, Canada. From text to music to installations to performance to videos to prints to gallery shows to online acts, M.L.A.K.F. experiments with interdisciplinary possibilities through faith.

Mini C
Mini C is a multi-media artist, lyricist, author, performer, producer, painter, photographer, videographer, publisher, columnist, radio and television anchor, and gallerist whose creative practices are rich in aural, visual and cultural gradations. Her iconic works are widely presented in exhibitions, galleries, concerts, mainstream and independent media platforms. Not only she has created hundreds of lyrics and published several compelling books and novels, she also produces and publishes magazines, apparels, and TV shows. Graduated from Simon Fraser University and studied fine arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Mini continues to explore the relationship between art and pop cultures.

Foster Eastman
Foster Eastman is a multimedia artist whose work examines social and cultural issues often shrouded in taboo and stigma. Recent exhibitions have considered diverse issues including the historical atrocities that occurred under Mao Tse-tung during the cultural revolution in China, the challenges that Canadian veterans returning from Afghanistan face as they reintegrate into civilian life, as well collaborative works that leverage visual arts to give voice to Canadian’s experiences with depression and suicide.
The lestweforgetCANADA murals created by Foster, veterans and community members were exhibited at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa Nov 8-11, 2014.

Exhibition Info:

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