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Eliot Lipp & Gladkill with Kermode

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Eliot Lipp
After more than ten years of global touring, seven solo albums on labels such as Pretty Lights Music, Old Tacoma Records, Hefty, 1320 and Mush, Eliot Lipp's status as an electronic music pioneer is known to scene experts and weekend warriors alike. 

Named one of Vibe Magazines top 10 fastest rising D
Js (Summer 2013) Vibe says Eliot Lipp is making moves! …Signed to Pretty Lights Music, Lipp's omnivorous taste in music expands to include everything from electro to funk to indie to downtempo and trap. Lipp's music tastefully spans genres, styles and techniques. Musically, 
Lipp is taking chances that are paying off in big ways. In a recent interview with Jay Zs blog Life+Times, Lipp commented that People are scared to set themselves apart from the norm, but risks need to be taken in order to 

Perhaps this is what sets Lipp apart from the rest. He is a risk taker, not afraid to do something a little different.

Refusing the confinement of a single genre, Gladkill captivates audiences with sounds that span a diverse musical landscape. Stacked with a vast catalog of songs that range from dance-floor-dominating sexy kinetic club beats, to deep and captivating downtempo/melodic material that works just as comfortably on the home stereo. 

Not showing any signs of slowing down,Gladkill has maintained a consistent and impressive performance schedule. He has recently toured with Bassnectar throughout America and Canada and played numerous flagship music festivals (including 3 appearances at Coachella Music Festival on The Do Lab stage, festivals in Canada, Costa Rica and the continental U.S.) Beginning in early 2014, he launched his own record label, a collaboration with fellow musician Sugarpill called Foundations Recordings, and has been touring nationally to support their new endeavor through the Spring of 2014. His upcoming EP Accolades (due in June) will be the first official release on Foundations Recordings, an exciting new chapter in Gladkills musical journey. 

Gladkill sits deftly between the sheets of ethereal melodies and silky basslines while embracing a heavy emphasis on composition and structure. In an era where disposable dance music is big business, Gladkill rises above the fray and aims to make music that will stand the test of time.


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