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The Roxy Presents Down North
The Roxy Presents Down North

Saturday, May 14,2016

7 PM
$10 pre sale or $13 at the door
19+ to enter
Anthony Briscoe, Brandon Storms, Conrad Real, and Nick Quiller make up the Soul Punk band Down North. You'd think being a musician would be easy seeing how we live in a modern age of technology, but the truth is it's as difficult now as it's ever been. Down North makes it look easy, but that perception has come at a heavy price. Countless nights of sacrifices, hard work, and hours on the road have led Down North to a tremendous level of independent success.
Located in Seattle, WA home of some of the best rock music. Down North has been together for over four years. Each member has their own story of influences and inspirations. Music is what brought these young men together. The music and live shows speak for themselves on where Down North finds that ambition to produce art that transcends cultures, and genres.
Down North is heavy on the touring market. Having performed over 250 shows in 2014, and 2015. Down North has performed in just about every live show market from coast to coast. Weddings, clubs, colleges, and festivals every time Down North performs they win over new fans. Down North is ready for a bigger 2016 geared towards larger shows, and eventually the release of a full length project.
Down North has a style that appeals to the youth, and older generations. Their music is soulful, and charismatic. Both ingredients are essential to a high level of success in the music industry.

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