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Documentary screening at the Vancouver Police Museum – Catch The Westbound Train

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240 East Cordova Street

On Friday, May 22nd, ride the rails to the Vancouver Police Museum and stoke the coals of history with a special free screening of Catch The Westbound Train, a provocative and timely documentary about the year that the Great Depression landed on Vancouver’s doorstep. Hear from a panel of the film’s director, producers, and local historians about the importance of this film, and engage them in an exciting discussion about a social tragedy that might be eight decades behind us, but still shapes parts of Vancouver today.

Through archival materials and expert interviews, this film presents an engaging and educational portrait of the desperate times of the Great Depression, and a look at what effect they have on today. The conflict at the centre of this event is between a rapidly-growing group of unemployed workers and a government that was woefully unprepared for the strain. Come learn about this rarely-told slice of Canadian history, and discover the stories of human suffering and perseverance that lie at the heart of this film.

Joining us to answer your questions will be:

Sean Patrick Shaul (Director), an independent Vancouver filmmaker and recipient of the “Rising Star Award for Excellence in Filmmaking” from the 2010 Canadian International Film Festival. He has directed and produced two previous feature-length documentaries, “Open Your Mouth And Say… Mr. Chi Pig” (2009), and “Alone Up There” (2012), as well as numerous short films and music videos.

Stevie Wilson (Writer), a respected local writer and historian. As a contributing writer for Scout Magazine, she explores Vancouver’s unique history with a focus on the concept of collective memory.

Jessica Rivers (Producer), a filmmaker with experience producing content for both documentary and drama productions in Canada and the U.S.. Rivers has worked as a post-production supervisor at The Sequence Group, in film production with VICE TV (a division of VICE Media Group and HBO content provider).

This is a great opportunity to get involved in a piece of Vancouver history that may be gone, but is certainly not forgotten. Credits will roll at 7:00pm, and this is an educational opportunity not to be missed – don’t let that train slip down the tracks! Check our website for further details!