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The Dick Darrow Show – An Evening of Stand Up Comedy

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605 W. Pender St.
Vancouver, BC

Like The Letterman Show, but with way more Dick. (not a talk show, a regular old stand up comedy show). What a great night with such great comedians. Food and drinks for great prices and Goldie’s Pizza truly makes the best pie in town. Come on down, bring your pants, and laugh into the night.

We have great Professional and Amateur Comedians – all of which are very funny people.

Shawna O’Connell has just moved to our city from my favorite hick town, Calgary. I have seen her at Yuk Yuks and she is great!

Jason Kryska is a hilarious local comic, I have seen him at Yuk Yuks and Patrick Maliha’s The People’s Champ of Comedy Competition and he can really shake the rafters.

Darcy Patko is energetic and funny guy that works on very high tech stuff, like Mars rovers and things. I have seen him twice and loved him both times.

Fatima Dhowre is sweet, purty, lil nerdy and very talented, she is the darling of the city. You can see her all over town. She is definitely my 8th favorite comic in the world!

Luke Syrnick is the Prodigy. He is witty, and his unassuming nature surprises you constantly with loud laughs and plenty of giggles. He is a regular at the Comedy Mix and loved by every promoter and producer in town.

Kody Audette is the happiest dad in town. And has the energy to rock any comedy show anywhere. He is smart and writes the hell out of a joke. This guy could carry this show himself.

Brent Constantine just in from cow-town too. Brent recently moved here and has brought an obvious talent and experience. I have seen him many times and he is quick and funny as hell.

Amber Harper-Young is from Toronto, but has also joined the migration to the best comedy scene around, ours in Vancouver. She has been with Secondcity and been doing for comedy for 300 years… well probably not, I think she is 22. She is Very very funny.

James Kennedy is the hottest new Pro in the country. He was recently signed by Yuk Yuks International. His fun smart, thought provoking humor will have you cheering

Garrett Clark is an Aussie who moved here about 15 years ago, so don’t tell the feds he is still in the country. Years of professional touring combined with tons of talent and great jokes make him one of Canada’s best. You can see him at Yuk Yuks in Vancouver on New Years Eve… check them on the web.

David Andrew Brent has also just moved to Vancouver. He is a great guy as well as hugely entertaining stand up comedian. His viral video is hilarious, even before the brownie. He travels and tours all over and you should take this time to see him. Fist Pump!

So don’t chance missing this, only $5. General admission so come very early. Show starts a 9 p.m.

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