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Danha w/ The Sunset Kids

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The Live Agency and Rednyne Productions Presents Danha with Special Guests Henrikee
Friday, April 8, 2016
7:00 PM
$10 through Ticketzone or $13 at the door
19 + to enter
DANHA was the creation of Vocalist Danny Danha and Guitarist Andrew Gerard.
Both of these songwriters had the same vision of the music they wanted to hear, write, and share with the World.
“We had a mutual friend that told both of us we had to meet one another…he insisted we needed to sit down and talk music…” – Andrew Gerard
We decided to meet for sushi, I think we were both very skeptical and withheld at first, but it didn't take long to see why our friend said we had to meet, we were both at the exact same place in our musical journey and had many of the same thoughts on where we wanted to go.”
-Danny Danha
After sushi the boys stopped by the studio and started to write/share songs each had written… a few hours later they wrote an entire song together, and decided then and there, they would create the band.
There was a BIG problem, a name…. as soon as they asked the question Danny's phone rang, “Hello Danny Danha speaking.”
“Gerard immediately said “THATS IT! … DANHA! Your name is PERFECT “
Danny had to stop and think for a moment and then smiled and said:, “It's amazing how you look for something that's right in-front of you.”
The next steps were to find the best additions to the band. Rehearsing just down the hall from DANHA was bassist Dan “Strike Force” Esterreicher. Danny and AG were so impressed with his talents that they instantly knew he was the man for the job.
After the release of DANHA's 11 song debut record produced by Danny Craig with mixes by Mike Fraser, “These are the Days”, which produced the singles, “24 Hours” and “Alone Together”, the band has been working hard in studio with Producer RAN PINK in Los Angeles and is excited to launch their new single, “THE WORLD”
This will be an exciting year for

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