Dance Horizons Presents: Dance-a-thon

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6138 Student Union Boulevard
Vancouver, British Columbia

A danceathon, AKA a dance marathon, is an event in which dancers dance continuously for a given period of time. We are holding a five hour danceathon.

50% of our proceed will go to UBC Red Cross supporting Children of War.

The rules of our danceathon are as follow:

1. We accept participants in teams or as individuals.
2. The entrance fee is $20 per team of 5, or $5 per individual participant. Individual participants will be put into groups of 5 and participate as teams.
3. All teams will start at the same time and be timed accordingly.
4. The team that dances for the longest period of time will win the dance-a-thon.
5. A team will be considered dancing only if more than 3 participants are dancing.
6. If multiple teams are left at the end of the 5-hour-period with the same length of participation, a game will be played to decide the winner.
7. The prize for this event is yet to be decided.
8. Individuals who do not want to compete are also welcomed to join the dance with an entrance fee of $6 dollar per person.

The Dance-a-thon will happen on January 19 from 1 to 7 p.m. in UBC SUB Ballroom.

COST: $20 per team of 5; or $5 per individual participants.

Head to this link to sign up online!

Facebook event for more info