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Crying foul in Brazil: Social violence, activism & the legacy of FIFA World Cup

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128 W Hastings St #210
Vancouver, BC

Once every four years the whole world tunes in to amazing displays of soccer.While this past year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil was no exception, something was different: thousands of Brazilians took to the streets to protest the very event that they loved. Why were Brazilians demonstrating? What human rights violations were committed because of this event? And how are these infringements repeated in other countries that host large sporting events?

In this talk I will discuss the social violence of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. I will show how the Brazilian government and FIFA committed labour abuses, forcefully displaced thousands, and violently militarized low-income communities. The ways in which people could protest these issues were vastly different, not least for low-income favela populations, who had to diversify their resistance activities for fear of military police abuses.
After explaining some of the specificities of the World Cup in Brazil, I will describe how the Brazilian experience can inform our understanding of sport mega event atrocities more generally.

About the Speaker

Carolyn is a PhD candidate in Geography at the University of British Columbia. She studies slum-upgrading initiatives in Brazil, with a particular focus on mega event related projects. She has a Master of Arts in Kinesiology and a Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University in Ontario, with a specialty in socio-cultural studies of sport and health. Carolyn is originally from Toronto, and has worked in both the NGO and university settings on issues of equity and social justice.