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Crime in Downtown – A thrilling murder mystery game in Gastown

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863 W Hastings St
Vancouver, BC

Become a detective and solve a mysterious Crime! CRIME IN DOWNTOWN is a catchy & clever murder mystery game that takes place in one of the best neighbourhoods of Vancouver – Gastown.

The game is based on a thrilling detective investigation that will leave you with unforgettable memories!

A mysterious murder has just been committed in Downtown and you are the detective in charge of the investigation. Like the board game CLUETM, your mission is to find out:
– Who is the mysterious murderer?
– What is the murder weapon?
– What is the motive of the crime?

To find your clues, you follow a roadbook that will guide you through the best places & secret corners of Gastown to play 14 clever & fun deduction games. By helping you with your detective tools, you will solve Brain-teasers and puzzles, look for hidden items, decode mysterious messages, measure, observe, find your way…

According to your results and your timing, you will get “Mystery Stars” and will be ranked amongst all the participants of Crime in Downtown…

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Will you succeed at finding the truth?

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