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254 East Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

Comedy Shocker: Seven Deadly Sins. Brought to you buy Pat’s Pub and Pabst Blue Ribbon!

It’s that time again for us to celebrate our freedom from Nazi control and our slowly eroding rights to free speech for another Comedy Shocker! It’s our Seventh one and we’ve put together another amazing show! Check out this line up!

John Guy

John Guy comes to us from the east coast of the USA and is already sick of your hippy bullshit. He is a kind and sensitive soul who works by day creating children’s television. At night he uses that sensitivity to attack your soft side with heinous jokes.

Devin Alexander

Can’t be bothered to look at Facebook or reply to messages about a bio. I guess he is just too good for a bio. It’s a special kind of guerilla marketing that will take him all the way to Esquimalt.

Lisa Person

Lisa seems quiet, innocent and reserved… until she gets on stage! She’s been sharing her twisted, quirky takes on sexuality, dating and aging in comedy clubs around town for the last couple of years, and was recently a finalist in the BC’s Funniest Female Contest. She was also the winner of the Shocker Tryouts!

Sam Lee

Sam Lee has been called many things: often ‘funny’, more often ‘loser’. In addition to running shows in Vancouver and Victoria (which he can do because he’s good at blackmail), he has a terminally ill sense of humour. His jokes about working the 9-5 can collecting route will have you laughing at him, which is more than he got from his dad.

Mark Hughes

Take a bad boy and then remove drugs, alcohol, and a willingness to do crime and you begin to have Mark Hughes. Man is he ever angry about the things he can’t do anymore, but he’s even more angry at the system that put him in that position in the first place!
Mark uses his sardonic wit and fearless stage presence to shine a light on the demons that still affect him to this day. There isn’t a subject that isn’t too taboo. After all, how can your life be taboo?
Mark will make you reconsider what you might think of lost causes and second chances, while making you laugh hysterical despite yourself.

Host – Jason Kryska

He’s super lazy so he’s just copying and pasting the same bio he’s been using almost from the beginning of the Comedy Shocker series.
He’s fat.. and dirty. Not dirty in that he doesn’t wash himself. He totally does. Dirty in the head. A relative newcomer on the Vancouver comedy scene, Jason Kryska is slowly making a name for himself for his unusual twists on inappropriate subjects. He was a finalist in the 2013 Patrick Maliha’s People’s Champ of Comedy competition and recently he opened for Doug Stanhope! After seeing him you’ll be thanking your lucky stars that he’s unable to run because of his size. Donuts are keeping society at large safe with this one!


Forged in the fires of Mount Doom, Kyle Bottom is a comedian with a single purpose… The destruction of Middle Earth.

Featured at Just for Laughs, and CBC’s The Debaters, Kyle Bottom can best be described as “not for everyone”. Hold on to your tits, you sick fucks.

You can get tickets now from There are a limited number of early bird tickets for only 10 bucks! Once those are gone, you gotta pay the rull retail price of $15, so get those tickets early.

And don’t forget to hang on to your ticket stub so you can hit up the after party at Pat’s Pub. Last time there was a Mexican Clown band. I know how that sounds, and I thought the same thing you’re thinking right now imagining a Mexican clown band, but they were incredible. I’M NOT EVEN LYING! Who knows what awesome time will go down at Pat’s Pub this time! We love them. You should come party with us.