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Civiliana w/ Bridges to Royal

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The Roxy Cabaret Presents Civiliana w/ Bridges to Royal.
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
8:00 PM
$5 through Ticketzone
19 + to enter
Calen Trentini – Drums/Lead Vocals
Adam Wilson – Guitar/Vocals
Spencer Daley – Bass/Guitar/Keys
Amrik and Aaron met in high-school and quickly realized they shared a deep passion for music; Aaron was rocking a Nirvana shirt, Amrik responded by swinging open his jacket to reveal a well-worn Smashing Pumpkins shirt. Bad hair, ripped jeans, and holey Converse All-Stars seemed to round out the package. The beginnings of “Drag Me Down” from Bridges To Royals self-titled demo EP emerged from their first jam session together. The two have been writing and performing together ever since.
As time went by the shared passion for music grew stronger with each new riff and song idea, but there was something missing. Aaron met James in line at a caf by chance. Aaron commented on James shirt and mentioned he was working on a project and was looking for a vocalist to collaborate with; James was quick to tell Aaron he was looking for a band to join as a lead singer, a jam session was quickly arranged at Bullys in New Westminster. James took a chance and shared a song idea he had been working on and “Dirty” was born.
The bridges to the Royal City brought the three together and such Bridges To Royal was formed. Chemistry between the three was instant; James added a fresh perspective, the songs began to flow. James vocals elevated the sound Amrik and Aaron had been crafting for years.
Going through a couple line-up changes they found themselves looking for a drummer and met Cody through some mutual friends. Cody joined the band in February 2014 bringing with him the final piece to the sound Bridges To Royal was looking for: a bad-ass, hard-hitting drummer. Cody brought some serious firepower with his grooves and his unique, energetic way of playing. With Cody manning the drums, Bridges To Royal managed to break into the Fox Vancouver SEEDS 2014 Top 14.
Bridges To Royal is straight ahead, guitar driven, drum slammin, bass rumblin rock n roll. Hammer Records put it best: Modern Rock riffs with a hint of classic Blues Rock thrown in for good measure. [Bridges To Royal has] a well-produced sound reminiscent of good old 90's rock and roll.

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