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3293 West 4th avenue

So This Is Christmas…Sort of. This is a comedy show that has almost nothing to do with Christmas except the fact that it’s around Christmas time. We just named it that for the clear marketing advantage. We’ve got a community college degree in business. Now, we’re not gonna lie to you. There’s probably not gonna be much Christmas cheer. Unless you consider drinking and swearing Christmas cheer, then you’re in luck. The show will probably be kinda dark and weird but it will certainly be hilarious.

Headlined by Vancouver’s darkest and fastest comedian, SIMON KING, it’ll be anything but a silent night. Seriously, that dude is wicked loud. Simon almost never does full proper, real deal hour long headline sets in Vancouver so this is a good chance to see him within stumbling distance of your own place.

Joining Simon are Patrick Maliha and Colin Sharp. Patrick hears lots of voices, then does those voices for your enjoyment. He’s also likely to talk about butt stuff and wee wees. Not in a weird way. Colin has a moustache, a pretty disturbing sense of humour and heat vision. Ok we lied he doesn’t have heat vision. Or does he? No, he doesn’t.

Take a break from the commercialized, over advertised and stress filled Christmas season to have some laughs and lots of booze with three of Satan’s little helpers. Yes, we meant to spell it that way. You have been warned.

$10 advance (for the well organized and the cheap)
$15 at the door (for the procrastinators and the disposable income folks)

Tickets available at the venue.