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Chemistry of Beer 101

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Let's geek it up a notch. Have you ever wondered why a hefeweizen tastes like bananas? Probably. Have you ever wondered what is the biochemical pathway for the formation of isoamyacetate and what metabolic conditions favor this pathway? Only if you're a giant nerd who loves beer. This class is for you. Imagine Craft Beer 101, but explained by looking at yeast secondary metabolites with respect to finished beer flavour profile.There will be chemical structures drawn on a white board, just like high school chemistry class, only this is something you actually want to learn. As always, we will provide beer samples. 

These classes are organized and this one is taught by Danny Seeton, CAMRA Vancouvers very own Education Liaison. He is an award winning home-brewer, a National rank BJCP beer judge, and has lectured about beer and brewing at UBC and for the VanBrewers homebrew club for over 6 years. As the Lead Brewer at Parallel 49 Brewing Company his technical understanding of beer and brewing is ample and ever growing.

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Please note – tickets are non-refundable and you don't need to print your ticket for the event – just check in with our volunteers when you arrive!


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