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Bachelorette, By Leslye Headland

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Vancouver, BC: Bar S Entertainment, in association with Bachelorette Productions, is thrilled to announce the Vancouver premiere of off-Broadway sensation, Bachelorette, written by New York playwright, Leslye Headland. Set in an era of excess and overindulgence, three raucous twenty-somethings convene at a luxurious Manhattan hotel room the night before their best friend makes the lasting vow of marriage.

With an unsparing clarity, Bachelorette pulls back the curtain on the unseemly after-party that follows once the fun of being young, comfortable and playfully wasted begins to bleed into a life of stunted drifting, frustration and wanton self-destruction. Charles Isherwood, NY Times

Ten years out of high school, Regan, Gena and Katie congregate in the extravagant bridal suite of their longtime bff, Becky. Fueled by jealousy and resentment, the girls embark on a night of debauchery that goes from playfully wasted to devastatingly destructive. Their old fears, unfulfilled desires and deep bonds transform a prenuptial bender into a night they'll never forget.

Bachelorette is directed by the formidable and ever present Ana Carrizales, and features dynamic and nuanced performances from Thers Amee, Rebekah Asselstine, Jinjara Mitchell, Chris Walters, Nathan Barrett & Diandra Lee.

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“Leslye Headland has squeezed so much fresh and potent juice from familiar frenemies turf with her dark comedy BACHELORETTE…scabrously hilarious, bracingly smart show.” NY Daily News.

Thers Amee first came in contact with Bachelorette at a scene study class mentored by award-winning actor & director, Ben Ratner. She recognized the timely relevance of the material, particularly for western women: The journey of addiction to comply with unrealistic standards of beauty, relationships & love in an age of excess and self-gratification. Ratner saw her relentless passion and gave her an ultimatum – She must do the play.

Two years later, Bachelorette is ready for the Vancouver audience to join the cast in this unforgiving, salacious, and at times reprehensible, dark comedy. One thing's for sure: no one will leave unharmed.

“The talented young playwright displays a gift for incisive characterizations and sharp, comic dialogue.” NY Post.

Bar S Entertainment was founded by Style Dayne Stenberg in 2012. The companys goal is to create content for web, TV, film & stage to inspire viewers to understand the similarities we all have with one another, free of judgment & violence. This is Bar Ss seventh theatrical production in Western Canada.


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