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Antinomial Antiphonies

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140 W Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC

Antinomial Antiphonies is a concert premiering two form-bending musical works: Antiphons, by Ben Wylie, and Kyrie, by Matt Horrigan.The Kyrie is among the oldest genres in Western musical history. It traditionally opened the Catholic Mass, as much as an ode to a deity as to an uncompromisingly hierarchical worldview. Societal values have shifted since the genre’s inception, however, and today’s cultures often value personal freedoms alongside strong rulership. This Kyrie, performed by vocalist Dory Hayley and accompanied by bombastic multichannel electronics, confronts what many a past Kyrie has taken for granted. In the process, it must grapple with the question: “freedom from what?”

Antiphons attempts to create a sonic environment that can envelop the listener, both physically and mentally, creating a space that can allow the audience to hear details of sounds that would be otherwise ignored. The most important aspects of the work are the usage of the harmonic series as an organizational tool and the spatialization of sound through the movement of instruments and people.