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Annie Becker w/ Rachael Schroeder and Stephanie Ratcliff

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Nimbus Nights at the Roxy Presents Annie Becker w/ Rachael Schroeder and Stephanie Ratcliff.
Tuesday, June 7, 2016
8:00 PM
$5 through Ticketzone
19 + to enter
Born and raised in Timmins, Ontario, Stephanie has traveled near and far and now makes her home in Vancouver, BC. She has been writing and singing music for many years but only in the past few years has she slowly begun sharing this music with others. Through musical story-telling, Stephanie demonstrates a simultaneous embrace of both hope and struggle. Through her music you will hear stories that are uniquely hers but, if you listen closely, they might also sound a lot like yours.
Rachael Schroeder is a young emerging singer/songwriter. Now 15, her recent release Warrior Paint was written and recorded while she was 14. Produced by Winston Hauschild and recorded at The Farm Studios in Vancouver, Warrior Paint represents the next step of growth for this amazing young talent.
Annie Becker: Island Girl. Bohemian Songstress. The Beez Neez
Somewhere between the chorus of a Broadway Musical and the bustling streets of British Columbia Annie Becker was born. Its hard to believe this girl is from the West Coast and not from the basement of a late 30s Jazz Club. Becker has been cloaking her audiences in a Gyp-sea of horns, guitars, pianos, basses, ukuleles, and drums laced with sultry soundscapes and groovy beat boxing styles over stages and streets across Canada. This is music you can play loud in your car.
Although Annies artistic journey is one of connectivity and humanity, her collective outlook stands in contrast with the fierce individuality of her music. A front woman to be reckoned with, Becker effortlessly leads that big band performance while remaining a solo artist through and through. Shes able to take fans back to stories that define their childhoods, to their morals before they got muddied by their city lives.
The record, a heart on your sleeve from the beach to the studio attitude, reflects Beckers musical influences: the raw emotion and soul of Ani DiFranco, Adele, and Jack Johnson, flavored with the diva-like hookiness of a late 30s Vaudeville Cabaret.
With this debut album, All About the Beez Neez, powered by an RC-50 looper, and a mountain of creativity Becker has been on tour through New York, Thailand, Montreal, Ontario, and British Columbia.
Whether you see Annie Becker in a packed club, intimate coffeehouse, animated music festival, or bustling street corner, those who come across this jazz queen wrapped in a folk dress wearing souled shoes will no doubt walk away with a smile on their face and a melody in their head.
“The lyrics are straight-forward, they are intelligent, and she's a very compelling performer. She has a powerful voice and a very theatrical delivery in the way she sings. When she sings, you listen.”
-Radio-Canada International
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