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Story Of Angel Of Space”
The wind brushed his face, his cigarette lit as he was cruising down the road. It was going to be a good day the car stops in the middle of nowhere. The man got out and checked the engine. Nothing was wrong with it, he should call for help. His phone had no signal. Pissed off he kicked the car and sat down feeling hopeless. Night approaches and a car was driving towards him, he yelled for help but the car flips him off and drives away. He checks his watch; he is going to be late. Feeling lost and alone he lay in the middle of the road. the boy hears laughing echoing through the forest. Opening his eyes a bright light was shining from the forest. He runs towards the light. A girl was standing in the middle of the trees. Before he could blink she was gone. Looking around but she was nowhere to be seen. An unexpected blinding light forced him to close his eyes. A voice whispers in his ear I am the Angel of Space, now open your eyes.

join us in this journey to make history , see an event you have never seen


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